SEO Campaign Vs Political Campaign – Typical Comparison

SEO Campaign Vs Political Campaign – Typical Comparison

Have you started a blog recently or struggling to get traffic to your blog ? Just compare your scenario with a struggling politician , and you will find the way how to get success in that.

Every blogger wants to be on top list of google for a desired keyword and the politician also wants to be in the top cadre , let us find some similarities between a political campaign and the Bloggers’ SEO and Ad campaign.

SEO Campaign vs political Campaign similarities

SEO Campaign

  • Choosing the right platform that you can get success quicker, like WordPress or Blogger in your budget. WordPress needs hosting and blogger needs just a domain name. Every platform has its own importance, its the way you use them is the key.
  • Need to submit your sitemap to get visibility in search engine
  • Have to choose a niche to get success
  • Write quality and useful posts that attract your visitors
  • Its time for promotion, you can hire SEO or Adwords professionals  or you can do it on your own
  • To get in to the top list you should have backlinks from authority websites with proper keywords as anchor text. They are the foundation for you keywords to show the world and search engine that you stand on the top than others.
  • To get backlinks you may follow the genuine white hat methods or the fraud black hat methods.
  • Build a private blog network or get some help from a problogger by giving some bucks to learn something , he will show the best way and even help you by giving access to his PBN , inventory and tools.Most important thing is he will introduce you to the community which worth a lot.
  • You may get in the top 10 list , but to attract the visitors you must have a cache title. Like “Get the untapped High pr backlinks that boost your rank” ” How i made $$$$ using event blogging” etc.
  • Finally you made it, and it depends on you how you monetize , most of them don’t want to loose the visitors, so offer them something free and make them loyal readers with subscription forms for the passive income.
  • Now you will be in the list of famous Probloggers.

Political Campaign

  • Choosing the right party from which you can get success within you budget, National or local party or you can participate as independent if you have less budget.
  • Need to submit income and other details to Election commission to participate in elections
  • Have to choose a burning topic to get success
  • Write your agenda that attract the voters
  • You can hire media like TV channel programs or Newspapers, as some of them support few parties for the money.
  • To get more popular and win in the election you need proper support from your followers(Backlinks in case of SEO)  to show the world how popular you are in the society and get attention of others .
  • To get the support you may follow the genuine way doing some good services and helping others and visiting them in the bad times  ; or the black hat ways bribing local leaders, giving money to get support and other ways that .
  • Take the help of a famous leader by giving him some money , and he will show the best path, supports you in front of media saying he is my follower and even he can give you access to use his floor leaders .
  • After doing all the above , you may reach the top contestants, but to get votes you have to promise the wonders that attract common people, like ” We will bring back Black money” “Every eligible person in the household get a job” etc.
  • Finally , you made it and now you can monetize with your position, but depends on you to maintain it for 5 years or extend it for passive income and fame by offering something to their voters and making them loyal followers.
  • Now you will be in the list of famous Politicians.

Actually people advise White hat techniques in case of SEO Campaign and Genuine services in case of Political campaign.

“But you know what really works now a days :p to get success “

Its not the way you chose ,its the zeal you have within your mind makes everything possible, though some are for temporary satisfaction and some for full time.

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