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Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Doing SEO

Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Doing SEO

Every Blogger wants their website to top the search engines, and strives hard to get that results. Some of them choose SEO Onpage Optimization Techniques and Some choose Social Media Marketing and other Paid Campaigns to drive traffic to their websites. In the process , they do common mistakes that effect their rankings in google and other search engines.
SEO Mistakes to Avoid : Let us see the common mistakes that every blogger should avoid to properly optimize your blog or website.
Buying Backlinks
Most of the newbies are in a hurry to jump into top list and they buy backlinks that route to their websites. These paid links may boost up your rankings and traffic, but they are always a risk . Google also takes into consideration about the pattern of backlinks that you generate. It is highly suggested that you may not generate more that 5 links a day  . Otherwise, you may penalized for Backlink spamming.
Note that slow link building and manual linking building is always a better choice.
SEO Mistakes to Avoid
Keyword Selection

Never select a high competitive keyword, selecting keywords of these levels never get you top. Always select a long tailed keyword for your blog post or a keyword with low competition levels.
You can search longtailed keywords at  or Read this post : How to choose a good keyword for your blog post
Duplicate Content
Many Bloggers some times find no topic to create a post and in a frustration  sometimes copies other bloggers content or re-modifies or spin the content , and this should be avoided.
                                                                 Keep your Title and contents unique and avoid writing similar content for two individual posts. 
“A successful blogger writes a post about what he had learned from his experience and presents that in his own way.”
Keyword Stuffing
Creating a post of 400 words and totally filled with your keywords never rank you. Always maintain a ratio of 2-3% . Never repeat your keyword in all of the header tags and Use of LSI approach is recommended.
Other Mistakes in short
  •  Don’t forget to update your sitemap with search engines after each post.  
  • Keep an eye on your title tag and especially on your url structure. Bloggers and wordpress users : Always change your URL struture and make sure to start with your keyword and avoid stop words
  • Try to use no Flash script and Iframes.
  • Always write your image source if it is a creation of others.
  • Latest update of google search engine never encourages  posts with less content, so try to keep your post length as long as it possible. Minimum Recommended blog post is about 600 words.

Always Check the Basic SEO Factors before your post comes alive.

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