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What Game Plan Will Cherchesov Choose Against Spain ?

At a press conference Stanislav Cherchesov made it clear that against Spain there is a likelihood of restructuring the positions with three central defenders, which the team used almost two years, but at the last moment before the start of the tournament abandoned it and moved to the module 4 X - X.

"There is always the possibility of returning to the five central defenders," Cherchesov said. - We used to train both systems at training camps. It is clear that you need to know your strengths, on which we can play. Should also understand how to choose the right tactics against the team that will resist us. We came to the conclusion of how to play. The main thing is that the idea worked.

In Moscow, at the stadium "Luzhniki" in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup, Russia will play against Spain. For the first time in 32 years, our team was among the participants in the playoffs of the World Cup.

Wards Stanislav Cherchesova perfectly started in this tournament. Few could guess that the Russians would defeat Saudi Arabia with a score of 5: 0. After this enchanting victory, another one followed - over Egypt. "Pharaohs" did not even help Mohamed Salah, and the final result of 3: 1 completely reflected what was happening on the field. But then they let us down to earth. Uruguay in the battle for the first place in the group easily beat the Russian team - 3: 0. Although, of course, you need to understand that our players play with ten men from the 36th minute due to the removal of Igor Smolnikov.

As for the Spaniards, their first game with Portugal in Sochi, gave the most spectacular match in this championship ( 3: 3 ), then defeated Iran (1: 0) with a minimum score , and then, in extra time, managed to snatch a draw in the game with Morocco (2: 2). As a result, the team of Fernando Hierro took the first place in the group and went to Russia.

The last time in official games today's rivals met at Euro 2008. Then in the semi-final of the continental championship, the Spaniards cracked down on Guus Hiddink's team - 3: 0. So today Russians have a chance to take revenge.


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