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Stream Game and Earn Money | Best Live Streaming App To Earn Money

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Stream Game and Earn Money from Live Streaming app for Mobile

Yes, now you can also Stream Game and Earn Money from it as other popular Gaming Streamers do on Youtube Gaming or on Twitch through your mobile phone. Let’s discuss it and the best live streaming apps to earn money.

Every gaming fan once in their life thought that he could stream like his favorite streamers like Shroud or other Youtubers, but they don’t afford to purchase that costly equipment and high-speed internet to broadcast their gaming.

Now there is a solution to make your dream of being a Game Streamer.

Stream Game and Earn Money

The gaming industry is going faster and many Companies are investing in launching new platforms for gamers to stream. And launching their apps on Android and iOS on PlayStore and AppStore.

To promote their platform, Companies are inviting streamers(Both Experienced and Newcomers) to use their app and paying salaries and gifts as per their performance.

What you have to do is, just install their app on your mobile, live stream any game daily, and gain followers/subscribers. Payment/Salary/Rewards will be based on your number of subscribers, watch time, and Average users when you are live.

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Best Live Streaming Apps For Gaming

If you want to stream on major platforms like Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Gaming from mobile, you can use the following apps.

Streamlabs OBS for Mobile :

Streamlabs is the major platform used by most of the users for live streaming on PC, the good thing is that it also has a mobile app which can be used on your smartphone to stream games live.


Best Live Streaming app to Stream Games from Mobile

Benefits of Using Streamlabs App :

  • Customize Alerts for Subscription, Follow, Donation
  • Themes
  • Widgets
  • Merch
  • Chatbot and many more.

Omlet Arcade :

Omlet Arcade provides you a platform where you can live stream your game on multiple platforms, like Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Gaming, and Other gaming platforms using RTMP settings. Like Streamlabs, Omlet Arcade also available for Desktop and Mobile Users.

You Can stream to only one platform in Free membership. If you want to stream to multiple platforms, you have to pay a fixed amount monthly. You can check the price list of Prime membership on the official website or app.

You can download App here : DOWNLOAD OMLET ARCADE

Best Live Streaming App To Earn Money From Mobile

Twitch , Youtube Gaming , Facebook Gaming are the major platforms for Desktop streamers where mobile streamers may have lit bit lesser chance to get success.

But there are platforms which are new in this industry and you have a great chance to get success here.

Rheo: Best Live Streaming Platform in India for Indian Gamers

With More than One Million Downloads On Google Playstore, RHEO is one of the best live streaming platform in India for Indian gamers who want to grow or get fame in the gaming industry.


As I said earlier, few companies pay their users a fixed salary monthly, and Rheo Tv is one of them. Check out the official discord for its requirements and conditions.

Rheo has its own streaming app which can be used to live stream your game only on its platform and is called Rheo Studio which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

About RHEO :

A Venture of FJS Tech Pvt Ltd offers gaming community of India a live streaming platform with unique features like “request to play”, “Real game rewards with RHEO Coins”.

According to Statista “The market value of the gaming industry in India was around 62 billion Indian rupees in 2019 and was estimated to go up to over 250 billion rupees by 2024. … The number of mobile phone gamers is around 628 million in 2020”

Rheo provides those Mobile, PC, Xbox, or Play Station gamers a highly entertaining ecosystem where you can live stream games, engage with streamers, and also request to play with them.

Rheo: Best features of the Live Streaming App!

Request to play: Viewers can request to play with their favorite streamer and join them on the live stream and play with them.

Game Rewards For Watching: You can Collect Rheo coins by watching videos on RHEO and these coins can be redeemed for real game rewards like UC in PUBG Mobile.

Become a Pro Streamer: You can start broadcasting your gaming content on Rheo in a few simple steps. Start streaming and start growing your followers. Stardom is awaiting you!

How To Stream on RHEO With Facecam :

DLive: Best Live Streaming Platform in Turkey for Turkish Gamers

The Second best new platform is Dlive. Dlive is a Gaming platform where you can watch gaming streams and earn as a subscriber and streamer.

Dlive uses Lino points to pay. You should have a Lino account to get paid.

You have to use Live Streaming Apps like Streamlabs or Omlet Arcade to Stream on Dlive using the Stream key Settings.

Important Note :

If you want to get success in any field passion is important. For gaming Stream, you have to be the best in gameplay and interaction with your followers. Keep entertaining them either by gameplay or by talking for more success.

Start Streaming Game and Earn Money and get Success

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