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Suzuki to build Lithium battery in India, by 2020

We all know the use of used lithium batteries, but we do not know where this battery is to be built. The plant will be set up in India to make lithium batteries by 2020.

It has been pioneered by Japan's automobile manufacturing company Suzuki Motor Corporation. The company has confirmed the launch of the Lithium-ion Battery Plant. It is reported that Suzuki will increase the capacity of Gujarat's Hansalpur plant and later it will be manufactured lithium-ion battery from here to start this plant, Suzuki Motors has joined hands with Toshiba and Danso.

Electric and hybrid cars used in India will be made in this plant. Companies will invest Rs 1137 crore on this plant. To build this plant, Toshiba will work for supply of loose modules.

Danso, on the other hand, will share its technology platform. This plant owns 50% of Suzuki, 40% of Toshiba and 10% of Danso.

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