Using Zoom App for Meetings, Online Conferences? Protect Yourself From Hackers

how to protect zoom meetings from hackers

Zoom App usage in India has increased dramatically due to lockdown. Video conferences, online classes, and press meetings are all done on this app. But the Union Home Department has warned that the app is not safe to use. Cybersecurity firms claim that personal data will go into the hands of hackers after login. With … Read more

Windows 10: Getting problems with the KB4549951 update?

Windows 10 update problem April Patch KB4549951 update

Bugs and malfunctions for the April Patch, not everything went smoothly with the rollout of the KB4549951 update for Windows 10. The cumulative update KB4549951 released last week for Windows 10, also known as the April Patch Tuesday, appears to be creating more than a few headaches for users. Reports relating to the appearance of bugs and malfunctions … Read more

Facebook Gaming App: Dedicated Gaming App to Compete Twitch, Mixer, Youtube Gaming

Facebook Gaming App Download

In the past 12 months, Facebook Gaming has seen a rapid increase of over 100 percent in terms of the hours in which users of the social network watched various game streams. A dedicated gaming app that is already being released is intended to raise awareness even further. Facebook will launch on Monday, the 20th, … Read more


ps5 playstation controller

For years, Sony the Japanese, with its Playstation, and Microsoft the American, with the Xbox, have been fighting a frontal console battle, releasing their machines more often than not on the same dates. The current generation of machines, the PS4 and the Xbox One, has consecrated Sony’s dominance in the market without question in terms of … Read more

What is Defragmentation? How to Defragment my Windows PC/Laptop?

What is Defragmentation

We all wish to get the blazing fast computers that we mostly see in movies. We just tap a button and Whooosshh! our operation is executed. We would all love such a PC/laptop. You can surely increase the performance of your computer a lot by just following a few maintenance tests regularly. These include cleaning … Read more