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How to transfer domain from Bigrock to Godaddy

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how to transfer domain from bigrock to godaddy

Transfer Domain from Bigrock to Godaddy :

If for some reason, you want to move your domain out of your Bigrock account and transfer it to Godaddy, you are at the right place. We are here to see a complete tutorial on how you can do the complete Bigrock to Godaddy domain transfer.

We will ensure that the steps are easy to understand and everyone who owns a domain name can understand this. 

Getting things Ready

It’s always great to have things ready when you are doing anything. In this way, you can always improve the speed of your work. 

So, here are some of the requirements you must know. These are common requirements and not only for Bigrock. It applies everywhere. 

  • Your domain must be at least 60 days old. 
  • You must have an account at both the registrar (Bigrock and Godaddy). 
  • You can’t transfer the domain that was recently transferred to your Bigrock account. 

If you meet the above requirement, you are all set. 

Make sure that you are logged in to both of these accounts as well as you have your email address accessible. We will now transfer domain from Bigrock to Godaddy. Let’s get started. 

Moreover, you will have to pay a small transfer fee in Godaddy. However, it’s not the transfer fee but you can consider it as a renewal fee. When you pay the transfer fee, your domain will be renewed for another year. Therefore, you are technically paying the renewal fee. 

Disable the Privacy Protection in Bigrock

The first step will be to disable the privacy protection if you have it. You can’t transfer domains with WHOIS privacy protection turned on. 

Here are the steps to disable it. 

  • Open your domain in Bigrock
  • You will see the “privacy protection” option there. You can also check it inside the manage option. 
  • Now, you will have to disable it from there. Just hit the cancel button and you are done. 

You can make sure that the email address in the “Registrar contact” is working properly. You might get an email confirmation in that email too. Therefore, it’s always better to recheck it and then proceed further. 

Disable the Domain Lock (in Bigrock)

There is a lock-in of all the domains to prevent it from the attackers trying to steal them. If we want to move the domain to another domain registrar, we will have to disable that lock. 

For that, you can go to Theft Protection and make sure that it’s “Disabled”. If it’s enabled, you can simply click on the Disable button and save the changes. 

Get the Authentication Code from Bigrock

To transfer domain from Bigrock to Godaddy, you will need an authentication code. You can get it from Bigrock. 

Now, there are various names for it. Some call it domain secret code or EPP code. All of these are the same. 

You will find the option called “Domain secret code”. Click on it and you will get the code. 

Copy the code and save it somewhere safe. You can save it in your notepad. After saving, you can close the popup.

Please treat this code as a password. Don’t give it to anybody and keep it safe. If someone has the code, they might steal your domain. 

Now, your Bigrock part is almost over. We will move to Godaddy now. 

Go to Domain Transfer in Godaddy

When you open the Godaddy website, you will see the many called “Domain transfer” or “Transfer with us” option.

You can click on it and it will open a search box. That’s where you will have to type your domain and then hit the transfer button.

It will then ask you for the authentication code. You will have to enter the code that you recently copied into your notepad. 

Copy it and then hit the “Continue” button. Godaddy will verify if the code is working or not. 

If everything is alright, the Bigrock to Godaddy domain transfer procedure will move further. You will have to make the payment on Godaddy. 

Like we already discussed, the domain will renew for the next 1 year. 

Accept the Request

After you make the payment, you are not done yet. You will have to confirm it from the Bigrock account. 

You will also get the email confirmation link for the same. This is where you will have to accept the transfer. (That’s the reason why we told you to keep the tabs open.)

This is the final step required from your side to transfer domain from Bigrock to Godaddy. 

Checking the Process

You can always track the process by heading over to Godaddy and then going to the “Domains” section. There will be an option called “Pending transfers”. You can click on it and you will see the progress there. 

It will show you the current domain name that you have transferred. 

The Bigrock to Godaddy domain transfer process can take up to 7 days. Don’t worry, your domain will still be accessible. Usually, it’s just done in a couple of hours. However, for safety reasons, you can wait up to 7 days. 

How To Transfer Domain From Bigrock to Godaddy FAQ’s

Whom to contact if something goes wrong?

You can contact both of the sides and get the details of the same. 

What if my domain transfer fails?

There are very rare chances of this happening. If something like this happens, you will get an email with the details.

Will I have to change the nameservers and DNS records again?

No, your domain name servers and DNS will be stored as it is. There will be no change made there. 

How can I know if the domain transfer is successful?

You will get a confirmation email when the domain is transferred. Also, you can check Godaddy’s website to know more about it. 

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Final Words

To conclude, this is how you can transfer domain from Bigrock to Godaddy. It’s an easy procedure. If you are facing a problem anywhere in the middle, you can always contact Godaddy support and they will help you out. Our comment section is also open for you if you need help.

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