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G7 : Trump complains about his trip to Quebec before the summit in Singapore

According to information obtained by the Washington Post, which quotes three sources close to the White House, Donald Trump complained about the G7 Summit that he would consider it a distraction at his June 12 meeting in Singapore with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.



The US president is also said to have expressed anger in private about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada's trade retaliation in the United States following the imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminum. Still according to the Washington Post, Trump would think of new ways to penalize Canada.

After months of futile bilateral meetings, the American president will confront La Malbaie on Friday and Saturday directly to the leaders of Canada, three European countries, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as Japan, friendly countries that fear that the "America first" policy is not costly for global growth.

Trump would be afraid of wasting his time on issues where he is alone against all - agreement on the Iranian nuclear and tariff escalation, among others - the discussions in which he is likely to get morals by his international counterparts.

His tense relations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May, whom Trump considers too "politically correct", would be another reason for Trump's reluctance to appear in Charlevoix.

This would explain why Donald Trump's participation in the G7 Summit has been called into question for a long time and has only been confirmed in recent days.

Donald Trump has shown no intention of putting water in his wine, too happy to have gone into high gear in his neoprotectionist policy after a hesitant first year.

He is convinced that as the world's leading economic power, he dominates the balance of power and will force his partners to give in to his injunctions and to import more American products. Even though for the moment, Canada and the European Union resist and have countered with counter-tariffs.

"There may be disagreements, I prefer to talk about a family feud," says President's Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow, who says his boss only demands "reciprocity."

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