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Trump to China: Negotiate now, it will be “much worse” after

Donald Trump wants to put an end to the trade dispute between Washington and Beijing.

Donald Trump urged China on Saturday to pull out a trade deal with him now, promising him a "much worse" situation if negotiations were to continue during his possible second term as President of the United States.

As a result of the trade dispute between Washington and Beijing, more than $ 250 billion of imports suffer punitive tariffs and rose Friday from 10 to 25% on $ 200 billion. And Donald Trump ordered the start of the procedure to impose tariffs on the remaining 300 billion Chinese imports.

Trump taunts China on Twitter

If it is decided, this new increase will probably not be effective for several months, but it allows to tighten the grip on China in the difficult commercial negotiations in progress

"I think China felt that they were being thrashed during the recent negotiations, to the point that they could wait for the next election, in 2020, to see if they could be lucky and have a Democratic victory, a situation in which they would continue to steal the United States up to 500 billion dollars a year, "tweeted Donald Trump.

"The only problem is that they know I'm going to win (better economy and jobs created in US history, and even more), and the deal will become much worse for them (to get) if it needs to be negotiated during my second term. It would be wise for them to act now, but in the meantime, I like to get BIG CUSTOM DUTIES! "

US consumers and businesses penalized

In a previous tweet, Donald Trump had urged US manufacturers to produce in the United States rather than import Chinese products, to avoid being affected by rising tariffs.

"What is the very simple way to avoid customs duties? Make our goods and our products in good old America. It's very easy! He had written.

The latest measure ordered by Donald Trump is supposed to discourage imports from the Asian giant by making its products more expensive but, in fact, it is likely to penalize American businesses and consumers. These taxes are billed by the customs not to Chinese exporters, but to US importers who pass on this additional cost in their selling prices.

"China will not capitulate to the pressure"

The American middle class is therefore likely to pay more for many consumer goods. The Trade Partnership has calculated that the tariff increase that came into effect on Friday would raise the annual expenses of a family of four by $ 767.

For its part, Beijing ensures not to give in to threats. "China will not capitulate to the pressure," said Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng. A Sino-US negotiating session on Thursday and Friday in Washington did not result in an agreement. The talks, described as "frank" and "constructive" by President Trump, must continue indefinitely.

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