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Web designer Resume Sample For Freshers & Experience

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Web Designer Resume Sample for freshers and Experience template

[toc wrapping=left] Looking for web designer resume sample for freshers & Experience 1 year/ 2 years? download sample resume template for senior web designer and freshers

Designer Resume

The prerogative of a designer is to create, innovate, and translate his vision into reality and this is the ability that the designer resume should reflect. This website is a reservoir of sample designer resumes, which will guide you while you write and design your resume. The natural progression to the resume is an interview call. The object of resume writing is to convince the employer to call you for an interview and our website ensures just this response from the employer.

The genre of Designers:

The essence of a designer’s job is to visualize a design and transform these designs into reality. Well, each designer has his constraints as his design should meet the client specifications. The focus of a designer can be in varied fields and there are different types of designers specializing in different jobs, like a web designer, piping designer, graphic designer, landscape designer.

Changing Times:

With new business ideas getting promoted and great advancement in technology and human skills, the need to upgrade your skills to highlight your talent has become imperative. Thus, while a designer resume is written it should reflect that you have creatively contributed and progressed as a designer in your previous work assignments.

Specialization is the Buzz Word:

Jobs are getting specialized and employers are being specific about their requirements. So as you grow as a designer focused at a specific work area. This gives you knowledge in specific fields. This has to be highlighted in the resume. The employer looks for certain work experience or knowledge that he mentions in the job requirement. A designer’s resume should focus on the requirements mentioned by the employer.

Heap of Resumes:

The HR is overflowing with resumes. Why should they look at your resume? This website makes your resume interesting to HR. The designer resume samples provided on this website will never miss the attention of the employer.

Imagine reading different resumes with the same format and almost the same content, it would be just so monotonous. Among these, if you get a resume that is well designed, neatly structured, and focused we are sure you will be impressed.

The first few lines of the resume are vital. Highlight in a structured form all your positives relevant to the employer on the first page. When you mention irrelevant information it just occupies space and the HR is totally uninterested in your resume.

Coinciding Goals:

There are different sections in the resume. The first section is the career objective. Your objective should coincide with the goals of the organization you are applying for. This way the HR which is well aware of the company’s mission and goals will take notice of your resume. They will be convinced of your being the right fit for the job. You as a designer have your own goals that you want to achieve so make it a point to check which organizations will fulfill these goals. Approach these companies that will help you achieve your career goals.

The wisest thing to do as a designer is to study the creative goals of an organization and frame an objective that matches that goal.

Power the Resume:

Use power words that are mentioned in the job requirement given by the employer. If as a designer they are looking out for someone who is an extremely innovative person and who is bold and a risk-taker then let your skills and experience section mention these points.

The objective of this post is to provide you with web designer resume samples that add the zing to your designer resume capturing the attention of the employer. We want you to focus on the design and content of your resume to make your job search successful. The website guarantees a successful job search and directs you to realize your career dreams.

Web Designer Resume Sample

Web designers are responsible for the appearance of web pages of the website. They are responsible for designing the graphic interface. This sample Web Designer resume is an exact layout, which emphasizes on the expertise that is mandatory for the job of a web designer. The web designers must have a good understanding of the software utility and the best skills to design a web page. Sometimes, according to the need of the company, the job roles can vary.

Sample Web Designer Resume

Richard Ablan
302 Springdale Colony
New York 32555
[email protected]


To obtain a position as a Web Designer in a company that will employ and emphasize the design and will utilize the strong dedication to work fruitfully.


  • Good knowledge of all designing tools
  • Efficient knowledge of designing visually effective and easy to access websites
  • Proficient in uploading websites on internet
  • Good experience on the use of prominent designing tools
  • A good team player
  • Detail-oriented and excellent communication skills

Technical Skills:

  • Capability to code with HTML, HTML5 with good knowledge of JAVA Script and .NET platform and their compatibility with the designing tools
  • Wide Knowledge of Dreamweaver, Flash JavaScript
  • In-depth knowledge of graphic designing tools such as Photoshop and fireworks


  • Successfully did a Diploma in Graphic designing from Briarcliffe College, New York in the year 2020
  • Completed 1year certification course in Development of Languages and Graphics from Bryant & Stratton College in 2019
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Technology from Art Institute of New York City, New York in the year 2017


Designation: Web Designer
Organization: Loop-11 Graphics and Animations Inc, New York
Duration: April 2015 – Till Date

  • Designing the website layouts that are user-friendly
  • Writing the web pages in the form combination of codes of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Scheming the attractive home page that include the links to other pages
  • Finalizing the effective place for the company’s logo
  • Deciding the place for the advertisement on the websites
  • Communicating with the developing team for connectivity purposes
Designation: Junior Web Designer
Organization: Fusion Lab Inc, New York
Duration: April 2016 – March 2018
  • Making the layout and giving it for approval
  • Researching work for effective look of the website
  • Deciding the background of the web pages and chronological order of the various tabs
  • Attending the meetings to discuss the project

Areas of Interest:

  • To use my designing and coding skills for preparing attractive websites
  • To bestow my best imaginative skills for the growth of the company

Personal Details:

Name: Richard Ablan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: dd – mm – yyyy
Marital Status: Single


Name: Alex Collins
Designation: Senior Graphic Designer
Organization: Loop-11 Graphics and Animations Inc, New York
Phone No: 647- 321-0987
Email ID: [email protected]

This web designer resume sample will give you a quick start on building an effective and informative resume. You can modify it as per your job requirement.

Website Designer Resume Sample

Website designers provide services by designing and developing the websites. The website designer’s work is similar to that of a website developer. The job role is a blend of development and design. This sample website designer resume will feature the best way to show your strengths.

Sample Website Designer Resume

Eva Reynolds
50 Spring Dale Avenue
Suite 9, Brooklyn
NY 22101
[email protected]

Career Objective:

Seeking the position of a website designer in a company to impart creativity and programming knowledge for the enhancement of personal and professional growth.


  • Good in reusing the different codes in different programs
  • Very well understanding of the flow of the project
  • Well-versed in using different programming languages at a time
  • Ability to handle multiple projects and delivering given work in time

Technical Skills:

  • Proficient in server-side programming languages ASP.NET, PHP
  • Strong knowledge of HTML and XHTML, CSS
  • Sufficient knowledge of designing tools such as Flash Photoshop

Educational Qualification:

  • Completed Diploma in Website Designing from Illusion Institute, New York in the year 2016
  • Successfully completed Diploma in Server (ASP.NET) Programming Language from Anthem Institute in 2015
  • Completed Bachelors Degree in Computer Technology from the University of New York, New York in the year 2011

Professional Experience:

Designation: Website Designer
Organization: Cyber Designing Inc., New York
Duration: June 2018 – Till Date

  • Designing and creating the layout of the projects as per the client details
  • Scripting of HTML along with PHP and ASP.NET
  • Testing the site functionality on different browsers
  • Looking for the resolution of the website on the web
  • Planning the worksheet and allotting work to others
  • Talking to clients on different topics related to the development and hosting of the website
Designation: Junior Website Designer
Organization: Web Designers Arena Inc, New Jersey
Duration: April 2017 – June 2018
  • Devoting time in designing and development
  • Developing a segment of the website
  • Improving the websites already available with the company
  • Crafting of the icons and then properly linking it on the website
  • Attending the brief sessions for better knowledge of the project
  • Designing whole pages for the website on several occasions

Areas of Interest:

  • To increase the programming skills by doing more and more real time work.
  • Enhance the knowledge in developing the site by working on different domains.

Personal Details:

Name: Eva Reynolds
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: dd-mm-yyyy
Marital Status: Single


Name: Carol Adams
Designation: Senior Website Designer
Organization: Cyber Designing Inc., New York
Phone No: 611- 324-0521
Email ID: [email protected]

The format of this web designer resume sample is best as far as the designing, as well as development aspects, are concerned. We advise you to use the same format, as it will show your global presence in the field of website designing.

Senior Web Designer Resume Sample

Senior web designers are responsible for the final look of a website. They finalize the graphic interface. This sample senior web designer resume emphasizes the expertise that is mandatory for the job of a senior web designer. The senior web designers must have a deep understanding of the software utility and the best skills to design a web page.

Sample Senior Web Designer Resume

Albert Ablan
9222 Springdale Colony
New York 32555
[email protected]


Seeking a Senior Graphic Designer position in a company where a tremendous experience can be fully utilized to get better customer approval and boost the company trade name.


  • Good knowledge of all designing tools
  • Proficient in websites hosting techniques
  • Excellent at top designing tools
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good in handling a team

Technical Skills:

  • Best potential to code with HTML XHTML with good knowledge of JAVA and .NET platform and their compatibility with the designing tools
  • In-depth knowledge of Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash JavaScript
  • Effortless in working with different operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh and Linux


  • Completed certification course in Graphics and Development Languages from the New York University in 2005
  • Bachelors Degree holder in Computer Science and Technology from Bryant & Stratton College, New York in the year 2001


Designation: Assistant Web Designer
Organization: Smile Machine Animations Inc, New York
Duration: Feb 2008 – Till Date

  • Finalizing the attractive and user-friendly layouts
  • Crafting the valuable place to put logo and punch lines
  • Ability to render the project in the provided time with full efficiency
  • Inculcating new designing techniques among the team members
  • Meetings with the clients on various technical issues
Designation: Web Designer
Organization: Mind Lamps Animations Inc, New York
Duration: July 2006 – Jan 2008
  • Checking for the errors in the internal flow of the website
  • Amending the format and style of the home page provided by juniors to have a perfect look
  • Frequently communicating with the development team for various technical constraints
  • Maintaining the work allotment sheet
Designation: Junior Web Designer
Organization: Fusion TechLabs Inc, New York
Duration: June 2005 – June 2006
  • Planning the layout of website
  • Researching work for perfect look of website
  • Working on different color schemes
  • Attending the project related presentations

Areas of Interest:

  • To develop and design attractive and cost effective websites
  • Initiate certain projects that would generate revenue for the company

Personal Details:

Name: Albert Ablan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: dd – mm – yyyy
Marital Status: Married


Name: Alex Mathew
Designation: Senior Web Designer
Organization: Smile Machine Animations Inc, New York
Phone No: 647- 389-0002
Email ID: [email protected]

This senior web designer resume sample is a perfect instance of an informative resume. However, it is a standard format but viewers can modify it as per their need.

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