WhatsApp Web Now Needs Biometric Authentication

For some time WhatsApp has allowed you to access your messages via a web interface or desktop application, but an important security function will soon be added to prevent prying eyes from reading your messages.

The connection with the WhatsApp desktop version is done simply by scanning a QR code with your WhatsApp Mobile Version on your smartphone, a simple operation within everyone’s reach. Imagine that a work colleague, or family member, has access for a few seconds to your unlocked smartphone: they just need to frame the code to have access to all your conversations.

And unless you go and check connected devices, you might not notice unauthorized access for a long time. This will soon change, as an update that will require biometric authentication to connect to the WhatsApp web interface is coming to Android and iOS.

fingerprint or FaceID will therefore be needed , as is already the case with banking applications, to be able to connect the WhatsApp web client, a security measure that requires the presence of the smartphone owner. It will not be necessary to register a new fingerprint, since those already present in the system will be used, but it is not clear what the authentication method will be for those users who do not use a biometric system (perhaps because the smartphone does not have one).

A PIN or other security system may be requested, but for the moment WhatsApp has not provided information on this. The update will be released over the next few weeks, first for beta users and then for everyone.

Despite being a small update, it is important to see how the most popular messaging app tries to keep its users’ conversations safe with new protection systems.

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