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Why Ameerpet ? After B.Tech

Why Ameerpet ? After B.Tech

We know Telangana a state of cyber intellectuals, and a place where whole world looks us a city of software skills, Cyberabad of India. Mainly government encourages its people to learn the digital knowledge degree called Bachelor of Technology or Engineer.

This boom came in earlier stage of this millennium when the software employees are getting lakhs of packages , and there were a few colleges and students who got seats either from pretty hard work or by costly payment seats, but after some years, the era changed, many colleges are granted for teaching the real technology , but due to some standards in the syllabus and the much growth in technology , the end product i’e the graduated student is not in a position to get job due to lack of updation(local english word) in syllabus or lack of proper facilities provided by the institutions.

The students who got the degrees are getting only the tech support or call center jobs. I’m not talking about the colleges who got campus placements , though few high merit students are getting jobs in those, Its about the 80% students who are not even in a position to get jobs after completing or B.E.

People are approaching ameerpet to get jobs, learning something which was said by some other people that doing this course may get you job, but after all efforts learning those about 6+ months companies are asking experience.

Now what… Again those candidates are approaching ameerpet to learn something else to get job. In the meantime, a percent of members are selected through reference and a percent of members doing the call center or tech support jobs.

After a year or twice again approaching the same ameerpet to learn something and this time for the fake experience and paying lakhs as they have the time gap.

Some are getting jobs, good they have settled no problem, but many are failing due to lack of skills to maintain their experience level. Even some are getting huge loss due to fraud companies and institutes.

Sir Honorable IT minister of Telangana Shri. KTR garu , we personally request to change the so called fourth year last semester of B.Tech and make the student to select the subject of their own and those must be the updated subjects of that year, so that students who want to make their career in web designing, or java or .net or animation or something else , should come out as a professional when he get graduated .

We want practical degree not the namesake degree.

Who ever agree with this can share their views .

If at all , the Ameerpet Institute is our Goal, Why to waste four years of our life, we can start after completing Intermediate Itself

A Student.

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