Android: YouTube Music replaces Google Play Music

Google music to Youtube Music

Google is about to replace Google Play Music with the YouTube Music app, which will be installed by default on all Android devices.

Until now, YouTube Music required a download from the Google Play Store. The application will now be integrated on all new devices running Android 9 and Android 10.

Google Play Music customers with the latest devices can continue to use the app by downloading it from the Play Store, the web giant said in a blog post.

This change in the offer could help Google better compete with streaming music services like Spotify and Apple Music. Last May, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music had about 15 million subscribers each, compared to 100 million for Spotify and 60 million on the Apple side.

Google launched YouTube Music and YouTube Music Premium in 2018 to attract the huge user base of YouTube.

The coexistence of these services with Google Play Music has, however, meant that all three apps end up with about 15 million paid users a year later.

Considering the popularity of YouTube, with 1.9 billion visitors each month, and the continued development of YouTube Music features, Google believes that its new offering will build a large customer base quickly.

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