Youtube May Launch an App “Shorts” to Compete “Tiktok”

Youtube launching Shorts as Tiktok Rival app

YouTube is still considered a large video platform, but with the growing popularity of TikTok evident is that short videos are a market worth exploring worth it.

The Information says that YouTube is developing a possible rival to TikTok, which is currently called “Shorts”. The idea is that users can create short videos while taking advantage of the catalog of musical themes made available by YouTube Music.

YouTube will be able to launch Shorts, a video sharing platform that claims to be TikTok’s “rival” in late 2020. Like the creation of China’s ByteDance, Shorts will allow users to publish short videos from the YouTube mobile application.

According to the rumors, the name of this novelty would be Short (short in free translation), where the real purpose would be to make short and animated videos, basically the same as the competitor already makes.

TikTok was launched in 2016 but had its boom in popularity when it fell in the taste of the great digital influencers, who started to gain thousands of followers there and, consequently, increased the number of downloads, whether new users or just spectators of content.

When asked by the international press about the possibility of Shorts becoming a reality soon, the company chose not to comment. However, a Tweet from NBC journalist Dylan Byers makes it known that Susan Wojcicki, the YouTube CEO, does not rule out the possibility and that the company will continue to innovate concerning the video formats present on the platform.

This must be bothering Google’s video platform, which has already developed its version of Stories to compete with Instagram when it felt like it was losing space. The same has been happening with the rise of TikTok, and the search giant is already preparing to counterattack.

According to the report published by 9to5google, Shorts will have a library of songs licensed to be used as a background in the videos. According to the source, the novelty should be launched only at the end of the year, if the company does not accelerate the process to stop the growth of Tiktok.

Because it is a tool focused on mobile users, it should probably only be launched for Android and iOS, something predictable, taking into account the public that has been influenced by the new platform for fast videos, which gained even more fans during the quarantine.

Since ByteDance bought and merged it with its original creation in 2017, TikTok’s popularity has grown exponentially. The latest data from Sensor Tower reveals that, in February this year, the application had more than 113 million installations in total, either by users of the Play Store or the App Store.

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