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Using Zoom App for Meetings, Online Conferences? Protect Yourself From Hackers

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how to protect zoom meetings from hackers

Zoom App usage in India has increased dramatically due to lockdown. Video conferences, online classes, and press meetings are all done on this app. But the Union Home Department has warned that the app is not safe to use. Cybersecurity firms claim that personal data will go into the hands of hackers after login. With this the Union Home Department has been alerted .. Many have uninstalled the app. Another app is used as an alternative to this app.

A Company Said that if we open some mails like :

  • Zoom Account,
  • Missed Zoom Meeting,
  • (Company) Meeting Canceled – Can We Do a Zoom Call?

You may have higher chances of getting hacked, and you are warned not to open mails with above subject.

How to protect Zoom meetings from hackers :

Here some instructions for those who use the zoom app.

  1. You have to set a new user ID and password for each meeting.
  2. The Waiting Room option should be enabled in Zoom Settings. Screen sharing should be changed to just the host/admin.
  3. The File Transfer option should never be turned on.
  4. The meeting should be locked after everyone joins the Meeting / Conference.
  5. Disable the option to record the entire conference.
  6. Once the meeting is done, click on the End Meeting button and close it without closing the app.

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